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Besides Paloschiho the goals he care so Inglese, space got even veteran Simone Pepe. Empoli also deployed a relatively awaited report, the defensive line figured Zambelli, Tonelli, Barba, Rui. Before floating in advance filing of Lords Zielinski, Paredes Croce and figured Maccarone best online betting sites offers and Pucciarello. Although the first signs of pressure in getting players Empoli, were paradoxically domestic, who first celebrated the goal. And that’s pretty fast. Already in the seventh minute attacker and confidence in the offensive Mussi Volanti Alberto Paloschi he hopped on a cross from Pepe and bend overcame impaling goalkeeper Skorupskiho – 1: 0 for the home players. Skorupsky goalkeeper had full hands and feet work well after a while and blow Valter Birsa plucked only with great effort. Empoli in the first moments of the attack lacked the power to do, or he failed to beat Chievo home deposit. Domestic rushed in to Skorupskiho outnumbered. Birsa but sent the ball just crucial to the opponent. Birsa almost pushed well over thirty minutes, when he came Parada ending solo shot, but this time Skorupsky surprise let. Five minutes before the departure of both teams cabs still ran the ball for longer and Alberto Paloschi sent a beautiful cross volleyed narrowly beside the gate! Chievo were definitely the better team and deserved lead. But it did not keep. Two minutes after changing sides to score is changed to the detriment of Chievo. Empoli corner kick warmed briefly, which surprised the rival defender.

The ball got to Crocemu who fired. Bizzarri goalkeeper but the ball went just to Tonellimu, who had already sent the ball into the net – 1: 1st The visitors scored after a goal immediately improved and best online betting offers wanted to add more. The big guns have to be a veteran Massimo Maccarone, who ran to the defense. But eventually pass him home defenders blocked. Subsequently the ball from a distance Croce rested and goalkeeper Bizzarri just looked. Twenty minutes before the end with something bet offers similar attempt homemade players when Castro recorded Radovanovic. But football betting offers his attempt to between three didnt succeed. Immediately after a defense again nabíhal Alberto Paloschi, who betting sites offers wanted to beat goalkeeper again Skorupskiho.